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" Empirical and scientific evidence exists to support the benefits of acupuncture, manual therapies and several medicinal plants for chronic or mild conditions. For instance, (...) some medicinal plants have shown efficacy for life-threatening conditions." WHO, Geneva 2004


About me...                 

I am a qualified herbalist and naturopath and certified as a member of various professional associations that accredit my training and professional ability. I studied Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy at the prestigious College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, a 5 year program that gave me a double diploma.
I have been studying and practicing Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine for 15 years and in my practice I take into account both medical advances and scientific evidence, as well as the anecdotal evidence that accumulates in the consultations of therapists around the world.
In my work, I combine modern Western herbalism with traditional, influenced by European, American, Ayurvedic and Chinese systems. In recent years I have specialized in the study and use of medicinal mushrooms. Some of my main areas of work are: female hormonal system, diseases of the digestive system, autoimmune diseases and mental health (stress, anxiety and depression).


Important aspects to consider before booking your appointment ...

I am not a doctor

A consultation with me does not substitute in any way a medical consultation. To diagnose, modify drug doses, change or withdraw medication is out of my professional scope. Always keep your doctor informed about any supplements you are taking, especially before a surgical operation or if you take other medication.

Your committment determines your success

Coming in for a clinic is the beginning of a path in which I am only your guide. You are the driving force and you have the rudder in your hands. My job is to put the responsibility of your health back on you and teach you how to get to a good destination healthwise. Hippocrates said "Before healing someone, ask them if they are willing to give up what made them sick". What may seem like relinquishment at first may turn out to be gain, as you replace old habits with new and healthier ones.


I am a Health Practitioner

My practice is not based on treating illness, but on promoting health. Whatever your problem is, my job is to sustain the natural mechanisms of your body that lead to balance and wellbeing, as well as to help you reach your most optimal level of health.
Herbs, with their powerful phytochemicals and millennia of adaptation to the environment, are the perfect allies of the human body, delivered from the hand of an expert professional.

You are not alone in this journey

We make a team and along your journey to health, you will have my continued support. We will be in contact regurlarly, I will send you information that will keep you motivated and you can attend talks or group meetings with a similar goal to yours: to reach the maximum potential of health, energy and well-being at all levels of being.


Herbal Medicine 

Herbs are part of the history of medicine of all peoples. Great ancient civilizations such as the Vedas, mastered surgery and the use of plant medicine with great clinical skill. The same can be said of China, where it became the primary medicine system. In the the West, it was used and taught by the greatest practitioners like Avicenna, Hippocrates, Galen or Dioscorides. During the dark Middle Ages, Europe lost its herbal tradition to the burning stakes, being either relegated to a few home remedies or wrapped in superstition and ignorance. Today, hundreds of medications, some as potent as taxol (chemotherapy for cancer) or digoxin (used in heart failure), are based on isolated herbal extracts. However, a plant is much more than the sum of some of its components and the results obtained with herbal medicine are more comprehensive, subtle and far-reaching, in the experience of contemporary herbalists. If you want to experience these effects...


Hands-on Relaxation Therapies

Stress has many causes and as many physical manifestations. Muscular tension, disconnection from reality (derealization and depersonalization), hormonal imbalance, memory loss, etc., are just some of them. If you do not take care of yourself, chronic stress can lead to a physical, psychological and emotional cataclysm.
Manual therapies provide immediate relief from stress. The physical contact, the space of care and pampering, the atmosphere of relaxation, all contribute to the sympathetic system releasing control: the breathing is readjusted, the sore and tensed muscles relax, the blood flows, bringing oxygen and nutrients to all the body.
In the case of Reiki, this ancient Japanese energy therapy system, qi or universal energy flows through the therapist to the receiver, providing both a local and general sensation of warmth that pervades the meridians of the body and produces relaxation and remarkable relief, not only on a physical level but also psychological and emotional. If you want to try a session ...



Naturopathy comprises a series of principles based on the premise that the body is capable of repairing and self-regenerating, if obstacles (toxins) are eliminated and the necessary elements (nutrients) are provided. It is not, therefore, a treatment but a way of approaching illness and healing that encompasses innumerable non-invasive therapeutic techniques that respect the cycles and vital processes, providing help and support. Naturopathy sees the human being from a holistic and multidimensional perspective, not as a simple body with non-interconnected systems. To receive your holistic treatment...


Life Coaching - Transpersonal Therapy

The answers to the most important questions of your life are within you. As true as this, it is the fact that, in general, these responses become compartments of our mind that are inaccessible to us, either because we have forgotten the path or because treading it produces negative feelings we can't face. Counting on help means having a companion who has either travelled the same road or is willing to do it and has the necessary tools for it. If you need a companion ...

What does a herbal consultation consist of?

This is what you can expect


Making your appointment

It is necessary to make an appointment using the "Book an Appointment Here" buttons (these will take you directly to the reservation calendar). If this is not possible or you require help, please use the contact form on the web or send an email to, indicating your time preferences and, as soon as possible, we will send you an email with the appointments available. We hold a 24 hour cancellation policy, so at the time of booking, you will be requested a 10€ deposit, fully refundable if you cancelled your appointment up to 24 hours prior to it. In case of unforeseen emergencies leading to a cancellation within 24 hours of your appointment, you will be able to use your deposit for a new appointment.


First consultation

It usually lasts about an hour and a half. In that time we will make an exhaustive examination of your health, past and present, to reveal a complete clinical history. We will analyse your constitution and current state using different tools, which include a physical and iridological examination. If relevant, we will establish a series of functional lab tests needed to determine the status of a system (hormones, nutrients, methylation, neurotransmitters, etc.).
A few days after your consultation, you will receive at home your tailored herbal formula, with the herbs indicated for your condition, as well as a report with advice on nutrition and lifestyle, beneficial supplements, etc.



After the first session, ideally we'd like to see you in about 30 days, because a 4-weeks period taking your formula is usually enough to register some noticeable changes. Sometimes it will be convenient to continue with the same formula and other times, we will make adjustments and introduce some new herbs in the light of the results obtained. Because we are not simply treating symptoms - although these also disappear when treating the root cause - I usually work with each client an average of 3 months to see significant and lasting changes. Some serious or chronic diseases require more time, but this is not usually the case. One of my main functions as a therapist is to teach you how to take care of yourself so as to avoid recurrences and maintain a healthy state. Between consultations, you can contact me if you need to solve any doubts and I will be happy to assist.

The countdown has began

According to words attributed to Buddha, the problem of humans is that we always think there is time. Becoming aware of time without getting obsessed with it, is the first step towards a more fulfilling life. Below is the time left of 2019, the time you have to achieve your New Year's resolutions. Every second counts, so use it properly in order to improve your life in every way. Start with your health!

Services and fees*

*email me to find out about concession prices for qualifying clients (unemployed, pensionist, students, etc.)

First Consultation (In clinic or online)


a 90 min (approx) consultation. Additionally 4 weeks worth of herbal remedies (P&P not included) will cost approx. 40 euros.

Follow-up + Herbal formula


a 30 min (approx) follow-up consultation. Herbal remedies/supplements.

Relaxation Therapy Supplement (Reiki or Indian Head Massage)


Additional 20 min Reiki or Indian Head Massage supplement to a herbal consultation.

Life Coaching / Bach Flower Remedy


60 min Transpersonal Coaching + Bach Flowers Remedy supply for 3 weeks

Relaxation Therapy Session (Reiki or Champi)


40 min approx duration.

Pack of 3 consultations + herbal formulae 


Save 10€ per consultation (30 in total) by booking this pack. Herbal formula for 12 weeks, P&P not included

Associations and companies I work with

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What our clients say

"Each and every client is unique, therefore, any attempt to treat their conditions without acknowleging the singularity of their individual cases is in vane." IAH

For years I had suffered recurring TMJ pain which severely affected my daily life. Countless visits to doctors and specialists, scans, MRIs etc, various traditional and alternative treatments, including strong pain killers,  yielded no discernible relief from the excruciating pain. Finally after some examination and monitoring by Ingrid, she concluded that the pain was being caused by Trigeminal Nerve Neuralgia and proceeded to treat me based on that diagnosis. My pain has since subsided significantly and I’m beginning to get my normal life back. Thank you Ingrid!!

I am a sports person. I have respiratory problems: allergy and asthma, which, depending on the season, manifests itself more. Ingrid helped me to overcome an acute phase with a herbal treatment that not only improved the symptoms, but also my athletic performance. She has the gift of knowing how to connect apparently unconnected symptoms, having a clear diagnosic picture in mind and has the knowledge to tackle the problem at the root cause and not simply its symptoms. She is an honest professional and aware of her abilities and limits, knowing how to combine different means to help the healing process. I would put myself in her hands again with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are in good hands.

A few months ago I went to Ingrid's clinic, looking for a natural alternative to my Endocrinologist's  treatment. My first impression was of confidence and security. She has  exquisite bedside manners with clients, which makes you feel very comfortable from the first moment. I had sleeping problems and was under some stress. With the treatment she tailored for me, I feel much calmer, and my sleeping patterns are stabilised.

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